Cataract Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions

When will I need cataract surgery?

In the early stages, some cataracts can be left untreated. When your vision begins to deteriorate and starts to interfere with your work or lifestyle it is time to consider cataract surgery. The surgery date is often decided electively by you.

How long does it take to recover from cataract surgery?

Each patient is different. Most people will see remarkably well within a few days and fully recover in around a month. We routinely make the second post-operative appointment at one month. Most people still need glasses for fine tuning of vision.

When will I get my second eye done?

The second eye if it has a cataract is often done after 2-4 weeks when your doctor is sure that the first operated eye has fully recovered. It also allows your eye doctor to double check the best intraocular lens power for you. Your doctor will be able to help you determine when the second eye can be operated on.

How long before I can drive a car?

Initially after surgery your visual judgement will be unreliable and so driving wouldn’t be advisable. Please do not drive until the eye has settled down, which may take a few days.

Does my health insurance cover the cost of cataract surgery?

Everyone’s health insurance cover is different. We advise that you check with your Health Fund to see if you will be fully covered for this procedure. Please advise your Health Fund that the procedure is called “cataract extraction with intraocular lens implant” and the item number is 42702.

Dr Sudha Cugati does not charge any out-of-pocket gap charges if your private health insurance covers you for cataract surgery.

Please speak with our reception staff to discuss costing for all other Doctors.

When can I resume normal activities?

Normal daily activities such as light housework can be resumed within a couple of days. Check with your doctor if you plan to play contact sports.

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